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Michael Giannulis (Gee-uh-NEW-liss – kind of like “Gee, a new list”) has overcome the odds and loves to share that story to inspire others. Mike especially thrives on connecting with individuals who want to take control of their health using the most updated methods available.
Mike’s story begins in an average family where he had to work for everything he had. He started “at the bottom” and worked his way into the American Dream. In fact, Mike dropped out of high school, went back to get his degree and even went to college… ending up on a popular reality TV show called Extreme Weight Loss. 
Michael lost 255 pounds in one year on the ABC show, and has lost a total of 331 pounds.
Now Mike helps others with his free blog articles on weight loss, bariatrics, weight lifting, resistance training, nutrition, fasting and more.

In 2020, Mike Giannulis became the CEO of Sanetris LLC, a global health and wellness company.

He loves living a healthy vibrant life with is wife Rebecca and 3 dogs; Charles, Annie, and Winifred.

Mike is hyper active on Twitter if you’d like to keep up with him there.

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He Loves To Share His Discoveries

Michael spends most of his spare time learning and studying health and wellness.

He writes on the blog here about the science of nutrition, carnivore diets, intermittent fasting, low carb, ketogenic diets, exercise, cardio, and bio hacking.

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Top 3 Health Topics


Intermittent Fasting

An avid faster, Mike  Giannulis loves sharing his experiences fasting in the short and long term. Lots of promising science here!


Ketogenic Diet

Michael Giannuis has committed to a modified version of the keto diet, allowing him to keep off the more than 300 pounds he’s lost over the years.


Variable Resistance Training

Michael A. Giannulis doesn’t actually believe in lifting weights. Well, not in the traditional way. On this blog you’ll learn more about how he builds and keeps muscle using variable resistance.

"Success is the worthwhile pursuit of a predetermined goal".

Michael Giannulis

Tampa Bay Florida USA