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Michael’s success story is one for the books. He was born into a household where nothing ever came easy. At a young age he developed a stutter, something that destroyed his confidence despite adopting multiple strategies to control it. Additionally, he was overweight, weighing as much as 540 pounds in his early 20s. He was a high school dropout, who would later return and graduate. He has since gone on to obtain an MBA from Western Governor’s University. On this site, Michael Giannulis writes about health, fitness, weight loss, the duodenal switch surgery, fasting, muscle building and more. If you’re interested in business topics including material around copywriting and marketing, check out the link below for his business blog.

Want To Get More Done In Less Time?

Between running multiple successful companies as CEO and maintaining an active Twitter account, 3 blogs, and staying in shape (along with being married!) Mike Giannulis knows how to get a lot done.

If you want to learn how to maximize your time, be more productive, and learn faster with more recall than ever, then check out his Productivity Blog at Mike Giannulis.

“Life rewards those who take action, not those who take notes”

Michael Giannulis Recent Business Podcasts

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    See this bonus seen from Extreme Weight Loss

    Note: This never aired on the show, but I was able to  complete this Triathlon at close to 500 pounds!